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2023 Nevada County Fair
September 16, 2023 @ 5:00 p.m.
Nevada County Fairgrounds

One Winner will be chosen from each category and will receive a trophy.


The Nevada County Youth Talent contest is designed primarily for amateur talent and to offer an opportunity for the youth and adults to demonstrate their artistic ability.


There will be three different age groups for competition this year.

*14-17 years of age by the date of the fair to compete in the JUNIOR YOUTH TALENT

*18-23 years of age to compete in the SENIOR YOUTH TALENT COMPETITION

*24 and up years of age to compete in ADULT TALENT COMPETITION


Any contestant appearing younger or older than the age limits specified should be prepared to furnish proof of age to the officials.

  1. Contestants must not have ever been convicted of any crime or have any criminal charges pending.

  2. No substitution of individuals, change in category or change in music will be allowed for the contest after the entry form has been received.

  3. All acts must be performed on the stage. Verify in advance of the contest the dimensions of the stage.

  4. Contestants are required to be on time for the contest. Absent or tardy contestants are subject to disqualification at the discretion of the contest officials.

  5. Entry forms must be printed and signed by each of the following: (1) contestant (s); (2) contestant’s parent or guardian. Entry forms should be sent to Nevada County Talent Show, 615 East 3rd South D4, Prescott, AR 71857.

  6. Any display of poor sportsmanship and/or unbecoming conduct, any interference and/or disturbance, or any other behavioral problem created by a contestant, parent, official, relative, or even a supporter of a contestant could result in disqualification of the contestant.

  7. Any inappropriate lyrics of a song in the vocal and variety categories or inappropriate moves in the dance and variety categories will result in immediate disqualification. A contest official has the right to interrupt a performance if it is not deemed suitable for the Youth Talent competition.

  8. No decorative or background props of any kind will be allowed. If a prop is used, it must be a functional part of the contestant’s act. Questionable props must be discussed and approved by a contest official.

  9. The contest officials of the Nevada County Talent Contest reserve the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions and differences in regard thereto, or otherwise arising out of or connected with, or incident to the contest, and the right to amend or add to these rules as their judgment may determine. Any contestant who fails to abide by any of the above rules will be disqualified from the contest.


These rules and regulations are exactly what the Arkansas State Fair goes by also.

Entry forms may be obtained by calling Patsy Laughard at (870) 796-1480 or clicking the above link.​
Any act must not exceed the 3.0 minute time limit (including recorded introduction).


CD accompaniment is also subject to the same 3.0 minute time limit. All acts are limited to a 1 minute time limit in setting up equipment. NO EXCEPTIONS! Setups and performances will be timed.

  1. VOCAL SOLO shall consist only of a vocal performance by one vocalist. You may accompany yourself with a musical instrument, but will be judged on vocal ability only. CDs used for accompaniment will be allowed to provide limited vocal background.

  2. VOCAL GROUP shall consist of two or no more than 10 vocalists. No other talent may be performed. CD’s used for accompaniment will be allowed to provide limited vocal background.

  3. INSTRUMENTAL SOLO shall consist of an instrumental performance without vocal utterance by one performer. Taped accompaniment may be used. Contestants are encouraged to memorize their piece rather than use sheet music on stage. There is not a piano available.

  4. DANCE SOLO shall consist of one dancer. No other talent may be displayed in conjunction with the dance performance. All types of dancing will be judged in this category – tap, jazz, ballet, folk, ethnic, fad, etc. Gymnastics, tumbling, acrobatics, or any other form of gymnastics is not included in this category.  However a dance routine can include a maximum of two gymnastic or acrobatic stunts.

  5. DANCE GROUP shall consist of two or no more than fifteen dancers. No other talent may be displayed in conjunction with the dance performance. The same rules listed under Dance Solo apply.

  6. VARIETY shall consist of a performance of one or no more than 10 people. This category is intended to provide a proper showcase for those acts in which multiple talents are displayed. Acts that fit the description of any other category will not be allowed to compete in this category. The following acts qualify for this category: song and dance lip sync, pantomimes, impersonations, skits, juggling, ventriloquism, magic, baton, and any other talent not applicable to any of the other categories. No act may include a drum set, beat boxing, paint/watercolors, swords, any open flame or any form of liquid.


A piano is not available but adequate plug-ins for electric instruments is available. Professional sound equipment including CD player and microphones are provided and their use is required. No Personal CD players or microphones will be allowed. Contestants must furnish their own CD’s which must contain only the music needed for performance and must not be longer than 3.minutes. Any act who’s CD contains more than the music needed for their performance will be automatically disqualified. It is recommended you bring a second CD to have in case of a malfunction. All CDs must be properly cued in advance and should be of good quality.

All CDs should be clearly marked with contestant(s) name and music title. All CDs must be claimed at the sound table immediately following the contest. The Nevada County Fair Association assumes no responsibility for CDs left unclaimed.




Sunday Best is the dress code.  No rips or tears or holes in shirts or pants.

CD The judges will be selected by the Nevada County Talent Director. They will be persons well qualified to judge a contest of this kind. Their decision will be final. Judges scores are confidential and critiques are not allowed to be given to anyone. All acts will be judged on talent, appearance, preparedness and entertainment value.  The judges will be required to break any tie by considering the overall appeal of an act

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