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Department 12 - MARKET GOATS

Rules for Market Goats:

  1. Market goats will show by weights only.  No registration papers are needed. 

  2. Goats will be broken into classes by weight.  Classes will be made as even as possible, in regard to number in the class and weight spread.

  3. Market goats may not have artificial or glued in hair on any part of the body.

  4. The champions of each weight class will show for overall Grand and Reserve Champion and sale order.  There will be no awards other than ribbons for winning your class.

  5. There will be no Official weigh-in.  Exhibitors will turn in their own weights.  After placing the goats may be reweighed and must be within 5 lbs of the turned in weight or will be disqualified.  Weigh backs will be random or at the request of the judge.

  6. All market goats must weigh at least 35 lbs.  There is no top weight.  Goats will not be required to have their baby teeth but it is highly encouraged for them to be under 1 year of age.

  7. Either wethers or does will be allowed to show.

  8. Does shown in the registered show may not be shown in the market show.

  9. Any breed of goat or cross may be shown.

  10. All goats must have their baby teeth.

  11. Market Goats may be horned but horns must be tipped.


Points Offered:



Division 1201--Open

Division 1202--Junior

Division 1203--Little Britches

101     Market Goat - Processed by Weight

Grand Champion       

Reserve Grand Champion



Goat Showmanship Directly After Goat Show

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