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County fair held annually to promote agriculture, education, and community involvement.


The purpose of the Nevada County Fair Association is to hold a county fair that promotes agriculture, education, industry, business, and the general betterment of Nevada County and its rural heritage.


The first Nevada County Fair was held at the present site of the Nevada County Fairgrounds in 1937.  The purpose of this program was to promote interest of young people in quality livestock.

The Fair Association membership is open to any person of interest in support or service to the Fair Association.  Members must have permanent residence in Nevada County.  Candidates for membership must be nominated by a current member and receive a majority vote of those present at any regularly scheduled meeting.

The Fair Board is made up of representatives from all over the county. Each Mayor and School Superintendent are ex-officio members. The Fair Board generally meets once a month and sets the policies and procedures for operating the Nevada County Fair.


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115 Fair Grounds Road

Prescott, Arkansas 71857

Physical Address
Mailing Address

2680 Highway 371

Emmet, Arkansas 71835

Neal Ridling, Fair Board President

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